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DoYourOwnWill logoTrial Data, Inc (founded in Seattle, Washington in 1999) launched in 2002. Co-founders Brent Pope and Joseph Moglia run Trial Data Inc, which has less than ten employees. They don’t disclose how much revenue they make annually from DoYourOwnWill. However, the pair have admitted they do make money from on-site advertisements and referral links.

DoYourOwnWill is famous for allowing site visitors to craft wills for free. If this makes you skeptical, you’re not alone. In this comprehensive DoYourOwnWill review, we’ll see if this site is the real deal.

DoYourOwnWill Services

DoYourOwnWill offers its customers the following services:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Living Wills

DoYourOwnWill offers all services listed on their site for FREE. They also boast an extensive FAQ and information section that addresses common questions and concerns.

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DoYourOwnWill: Strong Points

  • During our DoYourOwnWill review, we found that this site excels in the following areas:
  • Cost – If you’re living on a shoestring budget, is a godsend. Every service they offer is for free – to make money, they earn revenue from on-site ads. They also earn affiliate income through a partnership with Ladder life insurance.
  • Clean Site Design – Navigating this site is a breeze. DoYourOwnWill lists their three biggest services – Last Will & Testaments, Living Wills, and Power of Attorney docs – right at the top of the page. Common topics regarding will creation are visible along the left sidebar. Consequently, getting lost on this site is practically impossible.
  • In-Depth FAQs and Information – The process of will creation has plenty of legal pitfalls. DoYourOwnWill has gone above and beyond to provide an extensive trove of information on this subject. For a free site, it’s remarkable how detailed their resources are.

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DoYourOwnWill: Weak Points

During our DoYourOwnWill review, we found that this site has room for improvement in the following areas:

  • Depth of Services – For a free site, DoYourOwnWill is a tremendous resource. But, “free” will only get you so far. For instance, if you want to set up a trust, you’ll have to do it through another site. If you’re looking for something sophisticated, DoYourOwnWill won’t cut it.
  • No Customer Support – is a free site. So technically, they don’t have customers. Yes, they do provide an extensive FAQ. However, with limited revenue coming in, DoYourOwnWill doesn’t have the resources to offer customer service.
  • No Legal Advice – DoYourOwnWill is not a legal firm, nor do they sell access to attorneys. If you plan on using this site, we recommend getting advice from a lawyer first.

Prominent competitors:

  5. US Legal Wills

Ease of Use

DoYourOwnWill boasts a clean, straightforward design. Within ten seconds, you can find information or get started drafting a free document. Despite being in a legal niche, DoYourOwnWill presents vital info in a no-nonsense format that’s easy to skim.

Of particular note is their planning guide. This section offers a slickly-produced outline that takes you through each step in the estate planning process. Here, you’ll find document creation tools not listed on the landing page, so check it out.

During the document creation process, DoYourOwnWill asks simple, easy-to-understand questions. Within 10-15 minutes, the algorithm will generate a legally-binding will/document based on your responses.

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Unique Functions Offered by DoYourOwnWill

DoYourOwnWill offers several unique features. These include:

  • A Planning Guide – Estate planning, like most aspects of the law, can be confusing and intimidating. DoYourOwnWill makes the process simple with a step-by-step checklist. For some steps, there is a document you can create within DoYourOwnWill. For others, you’ll need to access resources outside the site. However, having the steps laid out in a logical progression makes estate planning much easier.
  • In-Depth Will Creation Resources – When drafting a will or “power of attorney” document, there are many factors you should be aware of. DoYourOwnWill has compiled many of them in a series of guides. Located in the left sidebar, it arms novice will creators with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions.
  • White Label Estate Documents – Run an estate-planning, funeral directing, or life insurance business? Increase client value by taking advantage of DoYourOwnWill’s white-label estate documents. Through this service, you can produce wills and other estate planning documents for FREE. It even comes with on-board analytics!
  • Famous Wills – This isn’t a service, but it’s a fun read. DoYourOwnWill has a section where you can read the wills of the rich and famous. From Benjamin Franklin to Michael Jackson, you’ll find some eye-opening documents here.


During our DoYourOwnWill review, we found out that this site charges the following fees:

      • Last Will & Testament – FREE
      • Living Will – FREE
      • Power of Attorney – FREE

No matter your station in life, you can make your last wishes known. By making their service free of charge, DoYourOwnWill has accomplished this.

Bottom Line – is DoYourOwnWill Legit?

In today’s over-monetized culture, many are skeptical of free services. However, by doing this DoYourOwnWill review, we learned that there are still good people in this world. If you want to make your final wishes clear but cash is tight, DoYourOwnWill offers a viable alternative.

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Estate Planning Documents


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  • It's Free
  • Clean Site Design


  • No Customer Support
  • No Legal Advice
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