eForms Review 2021

eForms has been offering printable legal documents to Americans since 2015. Electronic Forms LLC, the company behind this website, enjoys an excellent reputation. On Trustpilot, they have a Trust Score of 4.8/5, based on over 2,500 reviews.

But is eForms the right site for you? In this review, we’ll examine their services, pros & cons, pricing structure, and more.


  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Power of attorney (financial)
  • Will Codicil
  • Living trust
  • Power of attorney (medical)


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Overall rating97.0%
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Updated Dec 15, 2020

eForms Review 2021

eForms has been offering printable legal documents to Americans since 2015. Electronic Forms LLC, the company behind this website, enjoys an excellent reputation. On Trustpilot, they have a Trust Score of 4.8/5, based on over 2,500 reviews. But is eForms the right site for you? In this review, we’ll examine their services, pros & cons, pricing structure, and more.
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Pros and cons

  • Excellent customer service
  • State-specific documents
  • Clean design
  • Quick and easy
  • eForms is NOT actually free
  • Some users claim Notaries did not accept their forms

Editorial Notes

eForms.com is an online service that allows you to create various legal documents for your needs. The most popular documents include eForms power of attorney, last will and testament, a standard residential lease agreement or a month-to-month lease agreement if you decide to lease your home, a motor vehicle bill of sale form if you decide to sell your vehicle yourself, and more. All the forms and templates meet the state requirements. In case you need help while creating a legal document online, or have any eForms complaints, customer support agents are available by phone, by email, or via chat on the eForms website.

Credibility: Is eForms Legit?

Established in2015
Registered inMiami, FL
Google Rating

eForms service is relatively young compared to other online will makers on the market. The company was established in 2015. It is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau at the moment. However, the Google rating is pretty high, 4.9 stars out of 5. So, we can say yes, eForms.com is a legitimate site where you can create your will or other legal documents. All the legal forms and templates are available online, so you don’t have to download or install any software. You can create a single document for a set price or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to create and store as many business, personal, and real estate documents as you need.

Is eForms safe? Is eForms secure?

All the personally identifiable information that you provide to eForms is stored on their secure servers in a controlled environment. The data is protected from unauthorized access, unintended use, or unforeseen disclosure. eForms encrypts all the personal and payment information during transmission to other websites using protocols such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Hence, we can say that eForms is a safe and secure will-maker.

Services and Pricing: Is eForms Free?

Contrary to their marketing, eForms isn’t a free legal document service. Here is what using eForms will cost you:

Plan Pricing

  • Monthly Plan: $39/month (free seven-day trial)
  • Single Document: $45
  • Annual Plan: $199/year

These are the services you can expect to find on eForms:


(Free for 7 days)

Last will and testament$45
Living will$45
Living trust$45
Power of attorney (medical)$45
Power of attorney (financial)$45
Will Codicil$45
Revocation of Living Trust$45
$39 / m

    Last Will and Testament

    Expresses the last wishes of the will creator upon their death. Divides property, establishes custody of minor children, and more.

    Self-Proving Affidavit

    A one-page document that certifies that witnesses observed the will creator signing their Last Will & Testament.

    Living Wills

    Establishes treatment options for its creator in the event of their incapacitation.

    Power of attorney

    Nominates an individual to make financial, medical, and other decisions on the behalf of its incapacitated creator.

    eForms: Strong Points

    • Free to use (for the first seven days) – Money is tight these days. So, whenever an opportunity to save money presents itself, you should consider taking it. eForms.com offers a seven day free trial for their services. As long as you cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, you pay nothing.
    • State-specific documents – In certain legal arenas, America can be a complicated mess. What’s kosher in one state can be completely illegal in another. eForms offer forms that are compliant with differences in state law. By clicking on your state, you’ll find documents that fit your jurisdiction.
    • Excellent customer service – This document creation service goes the extra mile for their paying customers. Real people answer the phone at eForms, and they are willing to contact customers outside normal business hours.
    • Quick and easy – With a clean design and clear prompts, drafting legal documents on this service is a simple process, and often takes less than 20 minutes.

    eForms: Weak Points

    • eForms.com is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice – You can create eForms will or power of attorney yourself by filling in the templates. However, if you need any legal assistance for more complicated documents, you will have to find an attorney somewhere else. Even though all the templates were created by attorneys, there are no attorneys on board to help you with your particular document.
    • The subscription model is problematic for forgetful one-time users – Many don’t question eForm’s claims as a “free” service. They provide their credit card, print off their documents, and forget about it. However, eForm’s Monthly Plan is a recurring billing option – that is, they ding you every month. This fact has led to some uncomfortable confrontations in the past.
    • You need to provide payment information to start a free trial – You cannot just register a new account and start creating your documents. Even though you don’t plan to purchase a subscribtion, you have to start a free trial with providing your payment information. If you forget to cancel your subscription on time, you automatically pay a full price.

    Compare eForms

    In this section, we’ve listed some prominent eForms competitors so that you could see how they compare on the key points. For example, eForms does not offer any Attorney Support, unlike like US Legal Wills or LegalZoom. The payment system at eForms is similar to LawDepot. They both offer either one-time purchases or subscriptions with a 7-day free trial.

    Offers Attorney SupportNo
    Payment structureFlat fee, Optional membership
    Free trial7 days
    States coveredAll states

    Ease of Use

    Usability is one of eForm’s greatest strengths. Thanks to this site’s no-nonsense design, straightforward navigation, and easy-to-understand prompts, most visitors have a great user experience. From start to finish, most complete their legal documents within 20 minutes. If you’ve never created legal documents before, you’re in luck, as eForms offers step-by-step tutorials. They explain the process without using a speck of jargon or legalese – a refreshing change from the status quo.
    Output formatPDF, Word, ODT
    Turnaround TimeInstant

    Unique Functions Offered by eForms

    eForms offers its customers more than just will creation services. Below, we’ve listed some of the unique ways they differ from their competitors:

    Step-by-step tutorials

    The average person on the street doesn’t have an LLB. So, the process of creating/filling out legal documents, sans lawyer, can be intimidating. eForms has your back, as they guide you through every step of making your own Last Will & Testament.

    Comprehensive legal document coverage

    People don’t just need wills – throughout their life, they need a variety of legal documents. From rental agreements to bills of sale, eForms has you covered.

    Efficient customer support

    Don’t spend your life on hold, or waiting for an e-mail response. Instead, use eForms’ online chat client. This way, you can access customer service far quicker than the other options.


    Do I need to subscribe to eForms in order to create documents?
    There is a 7-day free trial, after which you can have a monthly subscription for $39/month or an annual subscription for $199/year. Alternatively, you can just purchase a single document for $45.
    How long does it take to create an online document with eForms?
    Usually, it takes about 20 minutes from start to finish to create a straightforward legal document. It may take longer if you need to customize it or to talk to customer support.
    Are there tutorials I can use to create legal documents on eForms?
    Yes, one of the unique features of eForms is that they guide you through every step of online document-making with their tutorials created for people who don’t have a degree in law and don’t speak the lawyer jargon.
    How do I sign my document?
    There are two ways to sign an eForm document: electronic signature and handwritten signature. In the first case, you don’t have to print out your document. You will sign it with your computer mouse. It is only available for applicable documents. In other cases, you will need to print out your document and sign it in front of the witnesses who are not your relatives and a notary public.
    Can I make changes to my documents?
    Yes. To edit your documents online, you can go to My Documents, select the More button, and click Edit.

    Bottom Line

    To summarize our review and answer the question “Is eForms legit?”, we can say that eForms.com is a safe and legitimate site and a useful legal document service. You can quickly and effectively create legal documents online for your personal and business needs. All you need to do is register an account, select your form, answer simple questions, print the completed form out, and sign it.

    eForms offers excellent value to anyone who drafts legal documents frequently. These parties include landlords, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. There is a free 7-day free trial for those who want to see how it works or who just need a couple of document, but the majority of customers keep annual subscription.


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