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gentreo logoOf all the will creation services out there, Gentreo is one of the youngest. They only started operations in 2018, but so far, they’ve made a great first impression. There are few consumer reviews of Gentreo on the web. That isn’t shocking, as they are a two-year-old startup. However, according to the Better Business Bureau, they have an A rating, with no customer complaints.

But, is Gentreo the right will creation service for you? In this review, we’ll examine their services, pricing structure, and their upsides/downsides. By the end of this guide, you’ll know whether this service is a good fit.

Gentreo Services

Below, we’ve outlined the services that Gentreo offers its customers:

  • Last Will & Testament – Outlines the last wishes of its creator upon their death. These include how they want to divide their property, who they want caring for their children, and so forth.
  • Living Trust – Holds assets in trust so that they don’t have to go through the probate process.
  • Health Care Proxy – Names the person who makes decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated.
  • Power of Attorney – Authorizes a person to make financial decisions for you, in the event of your incapacitation.
  • Pet Power of Attorney – Names the person who will care for your pets, should you become incapacitated.

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Gentreo: Strong Points

  • They keep up with changing laws – The legal profession is complicated enough on its own. But, throw in laws that differ between states, and it becomes an unholy mess. Thankfully, Gentreo works hard every day to stay on top of changing laws. That way, this company can assure your Last Will & Testament will be legally-binding, no matter when you make it.
  • Family/friends can easily access documents – Family emergencies are filled with emotion. Gentreo makes things easy on your executor/representative by making your documents accessible with a single click.
  • Easy-to-understand process – When creating your will, prompts are easily understandable. If you have your information in front of you, you can finish your document in 20 minutes.
  • They offer Pet Power of Attorney – These days, most people view their pets as an equal member of their family. So, Gentreo offers a Pet Power of Attorney document that names your pet’s caretaker. It’s an innovative touch you’d expect from a company with cultural savvy.

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Gentreo: Weak Points

  • Inexperience – Gentreo has only been in business for two years. With that comes risk, as startups have less working capital.
  • Gentreo is not a free service – Many of Gentreo’s competitors offer Last Will & Testaments, and other estate planning documents for free. Gentreo doesn’t play this game, as they have opted to provide a quality service. While they only charge $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year), this fact puts Gentreo out-of-reach for some.
  • Selection is somewhat limited – Gentreo is only two years old. As a result, their current product lineup is rather thin compared to their competition. That said, they do plan to offer additional services in the years ahead.

Prominent Competitors

  1. Trust & Will
  2. Law Depot
  3. Rocket Lawyer
  4. eForms
  5. US Legal Wills

Ease of Use

Amidst all the free will creation sites out there, Gentreo has positioned themselves as a quality paid option. Because of this, their process takes a little longer – about 20-30 minutes will do. However, questions and prompts are easy-to-understand, as is navigation.

Like its competitors, Gentreo makes will creation a relatively frictionless process.

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Unique Functions Offered by Gentreo

Gentreo is one of the newer will creation services. As such, we’re not surprised by the unique tools they offer their customers. They include the following:

  • Resource Center – Estate planning, like all legal topics, is full of jargon and legalese. In their resource center, Gentreo demystifies them through no-nonsense explanations.
  • Digital Family Vault –In an emergency, easy access to medical, financial, and other personal information is crucial. The Digital Family Vault keeps everything in one place.
  • Live Chat – Don’t want to wait on hold, or for an e-mail response forever? Connect with a Gentreo CSR in seconds with their Live Chat app.

Gentreo Pricing

Gentreo offers estate planning document services on a subscription basis. At present, they charge $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The annual rate is cheaper overall, but if you have limited will creation needs, monthly may be the better option.

Bottom Line

Gentreo is still a work in progress. As we speak, they are in the process of creating pricier tiers that offer even more value. However, if you’re looking for estate planning basics, they’ve got what you need. While they aren’t free, they offer quality that you won’t find on the free sites.

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Estate Planning Documents


Home & Family Documents


Executor Documents


Personal Finance Documents



  • You can share encrypted documents with anyone you choose.
  • Create the state-specific legal documents, create a vault and add together all the wills for all the family memebers in the same place.
  • Gentreo offers a Pet Power of Attorney.


  • The company has been in business for only two years.
  • Only a few types of services available.
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