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Gentreo Review 2021

Gentreo is one of the youngest and most promising will creation services out there. The company only started operating in 2018, so there are relatively few Gentreo reviews online. However, they've made a great first impression on the market and, according to the Better Business Bureau, they have an A rating, with no customer complaints.

Is Gentreo a legit will creation service? In this Gentreo review, we’ll examine which documents does Gentreo offer, their pricing, and pros/cons.


  • Last will and testament
  • Living trust
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Pet Power of Attorney

Availability map:

Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in New York Available in Vermont Available in New Hampshire Available in Maine Available in Massachusetts Available in Connecticut Available in Rhode Island Available in New Jersey Available in Connecticut Available in Maryland Available in Oregon Available in Washington Available in Idaho Available in Wyoming Available in Montana Available in North Dakota Available in South Dakota Available in Nebraska Available in Kansas Available in Oklahoma Available in Texas Available in Minnesota Available in Iowa Available in Wisconsin Available in Missouri Available in Arkansas Available in Louisiana Available in Mississippi Available in Alabama Available in Tennessee Available in Georgia Available in Florida Available in South Carolina Available in North Carolina Available in Illinois Available in Michigan Available in Indiana Available in Kentucky Available in Ohio Available in Virginia Available in Pennsylvania Available in West Virginia Available in Nevada Available in Alaska Available in Alaska Available in Arizona Available in New Mexico Available in Utah Available in Colorado Available in California

Value for Money:

Overall rating87.9%
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-50
Updated Jul 20, 2021
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Pros and cons

  • Easy-to-understand process
  • Finalization Instructions
  • Regular updates with new legislation
  • Easy to access Family Vault
  • They offer Pet Power of Attorney
  • Relatively new on the market

Editorial Notes

With Gentreo, you can create, store, and share your last will and testament to protect the people, pets, and things you care most about. Once you create your will and other legal documents with Gentreo, you can securely store and share them online and make as many updates as needed as your life changes. The documents you can create with Gentreo include your Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, Pet Power of Attorney, and more.

Credibility: Is Gentreo legit?

Established in 2018
Registered in Quincy, MA
Google Rating n/a
BBB grade A (Accredited)

Gentreo is a relatively new addition to the online will makers family. The company started to provide services online in 2018. However, it has already created a solid reputation with customers all across the country. The company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It has an A rating and zero complaints.

Is Gentreo safe? Is Gentreo secure?

Gentreo is making every effort to keep your information safe and secure. In case your personal information (such as a credit card number) is transmitted to another website, all the data is encrypted with the Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol, which is the industry standard. So, we can definitely say that Gentreo is safe and secure, and can be trusted with your personal information.

Gentreo Services and Pricing

Gentreo offers estate planning document services on a subscription basis. At present, they charge $99.99 per year.

Below, we’ve outlined the services that Gentreo offers its customers:

Services one-doc Package Subscription
Last will and testament
Living trust
Medical Power of Attorney *
Financial Power of Attorney
Pet Power of Attorney
$99 / y
* Healthcare Proxy

Last Will and Testament

Outlines the last wishes of its creator upon their death. These include how they want to divide their property, who they want caring for their children, and so forth.

Living Trust

Holds assets in a trust so that they don’t have to go through the probate process.

Health Care Proxy

Names the person who makes decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated.

Power of Attorney

Authorizes a person to make financial decisions for you, in the event of your incapacitation.

Pet Power of Attorney

Names the person who will care for your pets, should you become incapacitated.

Pet Trust

Use a pet trust to set aside funds for the care of your pets.

Gentreo: Strengths

  • They keep up with changing laws – The legal profession is complicated enough on its own. But, consider all the laws that differ between states, and it becomes an unholy mess. Thankfully, Gentreo works hard every day to stay on top of changing laws. That way, this company can assure you that your Last Will & Testament will be legally-binding, no matter when you make it.
  • Family/friends can easily access documents – Family emergencies are filled with emotion. Gentreo makes things easy on your executor/representative by making your documents accessible with a single click.
  • Easy-to-understand process – When creating your will, prompts are easily understandable. If you have your information in front of you, you can finish your document in 20 minutes.
  • They offer Pet Power of Attorney – These days, most people view their pets as an equal member of their family. So, Gentreo offers a Pet Power of Attorney document that names your pet’s caretaker. It’s an innovative touch you’d expect from a company with cultural savvy.

Gentreo: Weaknesses

  • Inexperience – Gentreo has only been in business for two years. With that comes risk, as startups have less working capital.
  • Selection is somewhat limited – Gentreo is only two years old. As a result, their current product lineup is rather thin compared to their competition. That said, they do plan to offer additional services in the years ahead.

Compare Gentreo

In this section, we’ve listed several prominent competitors of Gentreo so that you could compare different online will maker reviews on various key points. For example, Gentreo does not offer any Attorney Support, but you can get these services at Rocket Lawyer. Like many of its competitors who have monthly or annual subscriptions, Gentreo charges a monthly fee for creating and storing legal documents on the website. Similar to many other will makers on the market, Gentreo offers state-specific forms in all 50 states.

Payment structure Optional membership
Free trial No
Guarantees No
States covered All states
Attorney Support No
Attorney Cost n/a

Ease of Use

Instructions Yes
Output format PDF
Turnaround Time Instant
Updates Yes

Amidst all the free will creation sites out there, Gentreo has positioned themselves as a quality paid option. Because of this, their process takes a little longer – about 20-30 minutes will do. However, questions and prompts are easy-to-understand, as is navigation.

Like its competitors, Gentreo makes will creation a relatively frictionless process. The company uses the best will maker software, which makes the process of creating legal documents easy and enjoyable.

Unique Functions Offered by Gentreo

Gentreo offers some unique tools to their customers. They include the following:

Pet Plan

For $49 per year, you can prepare a comprehensive pet plan which includes a pet trust, pet information sheet, and pet power of attorney to ensure that your pet is well taken care of in any situation.

Digital Family Vault

In an emergency, easy access to medical, financial, and other personal information is crucial. The Digital Family Vault keeps everything in one place.

Resource Center

Estate planning, like all legal topics, is full of jargon and legalese. In their resource center, Gentreo demystifies them through no-nonsense explanations.

Live Chat

Don’t want to wait on hold, or for an e-mail response forever? Connect with a Gentreo CSR in seconds with their Live Chat app.


Can I get online help while creating my will with Gentreo?
Yes, you can contact Gentreo customer service via chat on their website, by phone, or via email.
What kind of legal documents can I create with Gentreo?
You can create a Will, a Trust, a Power of Attorney, a Health Care Proxy, and a Pet Power of Attorney.
Is Gentreo more expensive than other companies?
No, Gentreo is moderately priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Other companies may charge $39 per month, while some online will makers are completely free.
Are Gentreo templates state-specific?
Yes, all Gentreo legal documents were created by experienced attorneys and consider the laws of your state.
Is it safe to store my legal documents at Gentreo?
Yes, Gentreo has created a Secure Digital Vault where your documents are well-protected while you can easily access them and update them at any time.

Bottom Line

Gentreo is still a work in progress, as is this Gentreo review. As we speak, they are in the process of creating pricier tiers that offer even more value. However, if you’re looking for estate planning basics, they’ve got what you need. While they aren’t free, they offer good quality for their price plus some unique features. Overall, Gentreo is a legit and reasonably priced option for online will making.


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