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Last Will and Testament Guide

Making a will is not an easy task – there are a lot of things you need to know to ensure that you create a legally valid will that meets all your needs at a reasonable price. While there’s a lot of information about estate planning out there, not all of it is reliable, up-to-date, and complete. This is why Online Will Makers has collected a trove of useful and accurate information about last will and testaments. Whether you’re just starting to learn about wills and other estate planning documents, or already choosing the best will-making service for your needs, you will find our website useful. On this page, you can see a list of all the articles about wills that we have on our website. These articles are organized into four sections for your convenience.

The Basics

If you are just beginning to learn about last will and testament documents and estate planning, you should start with the articles below. We have detailed texts that will help you understand who testators and will executors are, as well as learn about various estate planning documents such as powers of attorney, living trusts, and will codicils. In short, we will give you all the information you need to create a legally valid will. Information contained in these articles will be useful for any person who is interested in estate planning matters or is trying to find out whether they need to create a will.

Do I need a will?

Yes, the majority of people need to have a will. Making a will allows you to ensure that your wishes regarding your assets, guardianship of children and pets, and other matters will be followed after your death.

Does a will need to be notarized?

How to write a last will and testament?

What is testamentary capacity?

What is a holographic will?

What is the term for a person who writes a last will and testament?

What is a will executor?

What is a will codicil?

What is the difference between a last will and testament and a living trust?

What is a power of attorney?

What is a self-proving affidavit?

How to make a last will and testament?

How to find a last will and testament sample online?

Can my pet be my will beneficiary?

What are some common estate planning mistakes?

What happens if I die without a will?


Once you’ve learned the basics regarding will making, you can move on to our intermediate-level articles. Here, you can begin to learn about various online will-making services through our in-depth reviews of all the will makers on the market today. We also have several comparison articles that juxtapose the most popular online will services and give you a definitive answer as to which online will makers provide the best value and the best service.

Where can I find online will maker reviews?

Our website has detailed reviews of most online will-making services on the market today.

Is Nolo better than LegalZoom for making a will?

Is Rocket Lawyer better than LegalZoom for making a will?

Can you get a will for free?


In this section, you can find links to our advanced-level articles. After studying the pages in this section, you will become a real pro when it comes to online last will and testament forms. Here, you can find articles that give in-depth information about the cost to make a last will and testament, along with other estate planning documents online. We also give details on estate planning and will-making software. Finally, we have a tool that compares all of the major online will creation companies with regard to their services, features, pricing, reliability, and more.

Where to get a last will and testament?

Today, you can make an affordable will online. On our website, we’ve reviewed the best online will makers and compiled all the information you need to know to create a valid will online.

How to choose the best online will maker?

What software can I use to make a will?

What is the best estate planning software?

How much does a will cost?

Can I leave cryptocurrency in my will?

Will and Testament Extras

In this section, you will find articles that cover various unusual estate planning situations. For instance, did you know that if you have assets in a country other than the USA, you need to create a special type of will that will cover those assets? Or that if you’re a devout Muslim, you can’t make a regular secular will, and instead you need to create an Islamic last will and testament in line with the Sharia rules of inheritance? We provide in-depth coverage of these and more topics in the special subject articles on our website.

What is an expatriate will?

An expatriate will is a last will and testament document that can be created in addition to your primary will in order to cover any assets you own in a country that’s not your primary place of residence.

How to make an Islamic will?