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LegalZoom Review 2024

LegalZoom offers easy-to-use estate planning services, allowing customers to create a will in just 15 minutes. You can create a LegalZoom will for just $89, or go with a comprehensive Last Will Estate Planning package for $249. While a bit on the pricier side, LegalZoom is an option worth considering if your estate circumstances are more uncommon.

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  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Living trust
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney

Availability map:

Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in New York Available in Vermont Available in New Hampshire Available in Maine Available in Massachusetts Available in Connecticut Available in Rhode Island Available in New Jersey Available in Connecticut Available in Maryland Available in Oregon Available in Washington Available in Idaho Available in Wyoming Available in Montana Available in North Dakota Available in South Dakota Available in Nebraska Available in Kansas Available in Oklahoma Available in Texas Available in Minnesota Available in Iowa Available in Wisconsin Available in Missouri Available in Arkansas Available in Louisiana Available in Mississippi Available in Alabama Available in Tennessee Available in Georgia Available in Florida Available in South Carolina Available in North Carolina Available in Illinois Available in Michigan Available in Indiana Available in Kentucky Available in Ohio Available in Virginia Available in Pennsylvania Available in West Virginia Available in Nevada Available in Alaska Available in Alaska Available in Arizona Available in New Mexico Available in Utah Available in Colorado Available in California

Value for Money:

Overall rating89.7%
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-75
Updated Dec 14, 2022
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Pros and cons

  • Suitable for complex situations
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Extended customer services hours
  • Comprehensive attorney support
  • Multiple legal products and service
  • Somewhat outdated design and interface

Editorial Notes

There are at least four reasons why LegalZoom customers continue to choose it for online will making. First, it is convenient. You can create and complete your last will from the comfort of your own home at the most convenient time. Second, it is trusted. The company claims that every 4 minutes someone uses LegalZoom services. Third, it is fast and easy. There is a step-by-step process that has allowed many LegalZoom will maker software users to create a will in under 15 minutes. Finally, LegalZoom offers accessible legal advice. The customers can rely on guidance from highly-rated lawyers from the company’s vetted network.

Credibility: Is LegalZoom legit?

Established in 2001
Registered in Glendale, CA
Google Rating
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-50
  • star-0
BBB grade A (Accredited)

LegalZoom is a well-known company in the online will market. It was established 20 years ago, in 2001. Today LegalZoom is a reputable company that serves thousands of clients. It is accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an exceptional rating of A+. Out of many estate planning services that LegalZoom offers to its customers, the main ones are Basic Last Will, Comprehensive Last Will, and Estate Plan Bundle. Many LegalZoom reviews note how easy it is to create documents using this website. All you need to do is answer a series of questions on the LegalZoom website. They will create the document based on your answers.

Is LegalZoom safe? Is LegalZoom secure?

LegalZoom takes all reasonable steps to protect customers’ information and maintain security. They protect all the personal and financial information and overall make sure that all LegalZoom services are safe and secure. Services and Pricing

When it comes to purchasing LegalZoom services, you have several options. First of all, you can buy separate documents. This is ideal when you only need one form, and you can also make unlimited changes to your document free of charge for 30 days without the need for any Legal Zoom promo codes. The second option is buying a package of comprehensive documents. Each of these documents comes with a discounted 2-week subscription to attorney consultations. You can cancel this subscription after 2 weeks if you no longer need it, or continue the subscription, paying full price for the service.

Finally, the company also offers two document packages: the Last Will Estate Plan and the Living Trust Estate Plan. Both packages include unlimited revisions and free legal consultations for 1 year. After that, you will need to cancel your subscription to attorney consultations if you are no longer using that service, or you will begin getting billed for it.

Services one-doc Package 1 Last Will Estate Plan Package 2 Living Trust Estate Plan Subscription
Last will and testament $89.00
Living will $39.00
Living trust $279.00
Medical Power of Attorney *
Financial Power of Attorney $35.00
$249 $399
* Medical Power of Attorney is included with the Living Will

Wills and Trusts and Family

Will/Trust Package, Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Divorce Deed + more


LLC, Incorporation, DBA/Business Names, Sole Proprietorship + more

Intellectual Property

Trademark Registration, Trademark Search, Copyright Registration + more

Contracts and Agreements

Nondisclosure Agreements. Bill of Sale, Promissory Notes + more

Attorney Support

As a part of your membership, you can have access to the vetted network of attorneys in all 50 states without the need for a Legal Zoom coupon.

LegalZoom: Strengths

  • Credible – LegalZoom is a huge name in this industry, and everyone knows it for a reason. LegalZoom has been operating for 19 years by experts and continues to build on their great reputation. The company is unequivocally reliable and provides authentic service.
  • Money-back guarantee – LegalZoom has a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures the customer is happy with the service before parting with their money for good.
  • Suitable for complex situations – Online will-makers are often denounced as being too basic and not accommodating complex scenarios. LegalZoom’s 365 on-demand legal advice along with free revisions means that there’s great guidance for huge changes and unique circumstances in your life.
  • Other legal help – LegalZoom has perhaps the largest catalog of legal products and services on offer than any of its competitors. With 35 business products, 20 will, trust and family products, 13 intellectual property products, and over 200 contracts and agreements to use. To top it off, there’s also legal advice in which you can speak to an attorney.

LegalZoom: Weaknesses

  • Customer Support – On paper, LegalZoom has good hours for their customer phone support, as well as email. However, reviews repeatedly suggest that the quality of the customer service isn’t up to scratch with long wait times and delays in paperwork filing.
  • Price – Legal Zoom isn’t necessarily the most expensive online law firm, but they’re not cheap either. Today, Legal Zoom will cost is set at $89, which is quite pricey and may put off a large demographic who are looking for low-cost alternatives to an attorney. Further, a Living Trust Estate Plan is $399. You might be able to save some money if you have a Legal Zoom promo code.

Compare Legal Zoom

Payment structure Flat fee
Free trial No
Guarantees 60-day money-back guarantee
States covered All states
Attorney Support Yes
Attorney Cost Included in subscription

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a website for creating an online will and other estate planning documents, as there are over a dozen websites that offer different documents and have different policies and features. To make the task easier for you, we’ve evaluated each will-maker according to a set of six criteria and compared them to competitors. You can find the results below.

And if you are interested in a detailed comparison of LegalZoom to its main competitors, please visit our will maker comparison pages: Nolo vs LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom.

5-7 Docs 38.9% 1-4 Docs 38.9% 8+ Docs 22.2%
Number of documents offered by different will makers
LegalZoom offers 5 to 7 documents

Number of Documents Offered

LegalZoom offers legal documents for estate planning and other purposes such as business contracts, intellectual property applications, and more. When it comes to estate planning, customers can use LegalZoom to create a last will and testament, living will, living trust, medical power of attorney, and financial power of attorney.

Package or one-doc 16.7% Subscription only 33.3% Subscription or one-doc 27.8% Package only 16.7% One-doc only 5.6%
Payment structure offered by different will makers
LegalZoom offers package or one-doc payment options

Payment Structure

LegalZoom customers have several options for buying estate planning documents from the company. First of all, users can buy estate planning documents separately. This is very convenient if you only need a will or a power of attorney. LegalZoom offers two options for one-doc purchases, allowing users to choose between regular and comprehensive documents. Comprehensive documents include free attorney consultations for 2 weeks after purchase. Secondly, LegalZoom customers who need multiple documents can buy a Last Will or Living Trust Estate Plan package. Both packages include a living will, medical and financial powers of attorney in addition to a last will and testament or a living trust, respectively.

Money-back guarantee 61.1% No guarantee 38.9%
Availability of money-back guarantees offered by different will makers
LegalZoom offers a money-back guarantee


LegalZoom does not offer a free trial for their platform. However, the company gives its customers a generous 60 day money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like the service you receive, you can request a full refund.

Yes 27.8% No 50% By referral 22.2%
Availability of attorney support offered by different will makers
LegalZoom offers attorney support

Attorney Support

Some of LegalZoom’s documents and packages come with access to affordable attorney support. For example, customers who purchase one of the company’s comprehensive documents get discounts on lawyer consultations regarding that document for 2 weeks after purchase. Alternatively, you can buy one of two estate planning packages offered by LegalZoom and get unlimited free attorney support for one year. In both of these cases, LegalZoom will renew your subscription to attorney help at the end of the membership period, unless you cancel the service in advance.

Limited-time 38.9% Unlimited 38.9% Until subscription ends 22.2%
Free document update period offered by different will makers
LegalZoom offers a limited-time free document update period

Free Document Update Period

Customers who purchase one or more separate documents from LegalZoom can make unlimited changes to those forms for 30 days. Alternatively, if you buy their Last Will or Living Trust Estate Plan, you will be able to amend the documents as many times as you want during the subscription period without any extra cost.

No 83.3% Yes 16.7%
Phone app availability offered by different will makers
LegalZoom does not have a phone app

Phone App Availability

Unlike some online estate planning companies, LegalZoom does not have a smartphone app for creating legal documents on the go. However, customers can always access their website in a browser on a mobile device. While this isn’t as convenient as using an app, it still allows you to use the LegalZoom website when you’re not at your computer. However, if having access via a smartphone app is a priority for you, you can browse our website for reviews of other companies like LegalZoom.

Ease of Use

Instructions Yes
Output format PDF
Turnaround Time Instant
Updates Limited-time

LegalZoom arguably built its reputation and presence in the market by being very accessible. This meant offering a very easy-to-use document creator. Your experience with LegalZoom, apart from some inconsistent customer service, will be painless, as evidenced by many positive Legal Zoom reviews online. Wills can be created within 15 minutes, and if you are unsure of anything, and a consultation with an attorney is available, if you need any legal assistance. According to many online will maker reviews, the software used at LegalZoom cannot be topped.

Customer Review Analysis

To help our readers compare different estate planning services, we decided to analyze online reviews of different firms that provide online estate planning services, including LegalZoom. To gauge customer satisfaction, we analyzed over 1,800 reviews found online on different consumer rating platforms. We classified these reviews into three categories: positive, negative, and mixed. Mixed reviews had both favorable and unfavorable comments or were impartial, while positive and negative reviews clearly expressed positive or negative sentiments about the service.

Distribution of LegalZoom reviews compared to industry-wide average

Our research suggests that LegalZoom's customer satisfaction rate is on par with the industry norm, as the company received roughly the same percentage of positive reviews for its services as the average in the industry. The proportions of negative and mixed reviews for LegalZoom's services were also similar to the industry averages. Overall, this indicates that LegalZoom's clients are generally as happy as people who choose other companies.

Industry Average
Positive, %
Negative, %
Mixed, %
Data was compiled from 1938 reviews about 17 different companies across 7 review sites. LegalZoom had 255 reviews

Most frequently given reasons for liking or disliking LegalZoom

As part of our analysis, we aimed to identify why some people were very happy with LegalZoom's services while others were dissatisfied. Thus, we collected the most frequently mentioned reasons for liking or disliking the company in customer feedback. A significant number of reviewers commended LegalZoom's simplicity, ease of use, and helpful customer support. Impressively, the percentage of reviewers who lauded LegalZoom’s client support was roughly four times higher than the industry average! So if you love a company that invests in customer support, LegalZoom may be the perfect pick.

Reviewers who were not pleased with LegalZoom generally expressed dissatisfaction with the service's high price, customer support, and difficult cancelation process.

Industry Average
Helpful client support
Easy to use
Quick and easy process
Industry Average
Unhelpful client support
Difficult to cancel
Difficult to use
Data was compiled from 3611 apparent reasons from 1938 reviews. LegalZoom data had 409 reasons in 255 reviews

Distribution of reviews by service type

LegalZoom provides a diverse range of legal documents across various fields, including estate-planning forms. In our review analysis, we attempted to determine if the feedback was related to estate-related documents or other services offered by LegalZoom. Our findings revealed that only a minimal number of reviewers specifically mentioned using LegalZoom's estate-related documents, while many did not specify which services they utilized or said that they used other legal forms provided by this company.

Industry Average
Estate related
Non estate related
Data was compiled from 1938 reviews about 17 different companies across 7 review sites. LegalZoom had 255 reviews

Unique Functions Offered by

Below are some of the great functions offered by LegalZoom.

Legal Advice

LegalZoom offers plenty of legal advice unlike many of its competitors. There are Document Reviews for $39, Estate Plan Bundle, attorney consultations, and a large attorney directory available.

Unlimited revisions for 1 year

Customers who purchase the Last Will Estate Plan or Living Trust Estate Plan can make unlimited revisions to their documents for 1 year at no extra cost. This means that you can keep your will and other documents relevant and up-to-date.

Attorney Assist

A great feature that many companies lack is expert guidance. Even with the $179 Last Will plan, customers have access to 1 year of legal questions related to the plan to experienced attorneys.


How long does it take to create a will with LegalZoom?
It takes only about 15 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. LegalZoom will create a will based on your answers, and you will be able to review it with your attorney or on your own.
Do LegalZoom documents meet my state requirements?
Yes, LegalZoom attorneys designed LastWill documents to meet legal requirements in each of the U.S. states.
Can I get legal advice with LegalZoom?
Yes, you can get access to a network of attorneys in all 50 states when you sign up for a membership.
What makes my will legal?
Your will should be created while you are in your sound mind and without any pressure of influence from others. It should be signed and witnessed according to your state law.
Can I make changes to my will?
Yes, you can change individual documents as many times as you need for 30 days. Additionally, if you’ve purchased the Estate Plan Bundle or the Living Will Estate Plan, you can make unlimited changes to those documents for 1 year at no extra cost.

Bottom Line

Today, LegalZoom is a hugely popular law tech company because it’s so easy to use, and it has a great team of legal experts backing it. LegalZoom is absolutely safe to use and the company offers great support features such as Attorney Assist. However, the price reflects this, making it far from a budget choice for an online will. So, is LegalZoom legit and trusted? All-in-all, LegalZoom is worth considering if your needs are a little more bespoke, or if you’re willing to pay a little extra for this company’s credibility, attorney support, and Legal Zoom will reviews. But if you're looking for cheaper alternatives to LegalZoom, you can browse reviews and select a suitable option on our website.


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