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legal zoom logo squareLegalZoom  ( is one of the oldest online legal tech companies on the market. Founded by R. Shapiro, E. R. Hartman, B. Lee and B. P. Y. Liu, LegalZoom was created 19 years ago. Now bringing in $200m revenue annually, the company has a decorated workforce and prides itself on its legal expertise.

So, is LegalZoom legit, and as good as it sounds? Let’s explore this review. Services

Below are the services offered by

  • Wills & Trusts & Family: Will/Trust Package, Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Divorce Deed + more
  • Business: LLC, Incorporation, DBA/Business Names, Sole Proprietorship + more
  • Intellectual Property: Trademark Registration, Trademark Search, Copyright Registration + more
  • Contracts & Agreements: Nondisclosure Agreements. Bill of Sale, Promissory Notes + more
  • Legal Advice: Legal Plans, Browse Attorney Directory, Legal Document Review

Visit Legal Zoom Strong Points

  • Credible — LegalZoom is a huge name in this industry, and everyone knows it for a reason. LegalZoom has been operating for 19 years by experts and continues to build on their great reputation. The company is unequivocally reliable and provides authentic service.
  • Money back guarantee — Not only does LegalZoom offer a 14-day free trial, but it has a 60-day money back guarantee that ensures the customer is happy with the service before parting with their money for good.
  • Suitable for complex situations — Online will-makers are often denounced as being too basic and not accommodating complex scenarios. LegalZoom’s 265 on-demand legal advice along with free revisions means that there’s great guidance for huge changes and unique circumstances in your life.
  • Other legal help — LegalZoom has perhaps the largest catalogue of legal products and services on offer than any of its competitors. With 35 business products, 20 will, trust and family products, 13 intellectual property products and over 200 contracts and agreements to use. To top it off, there’s also legal advice in which you can speak to an attorney.

Visit Legal Zoom Weak Points

  • Customer Support — On paper, LegalZoom has good hours for their customer phone support, as well as email. However, reviews repeatedly suggest that the quality of the customer service isn’t up to scratch with long wait times and delays in paperwork filing.
  • Forces you into a subscription — Many services that customers may want to use are only available to subscribers. This is a problem if all you want to do is create a will, so you pay the one-time fee, and then cannot pay to have the document checked over unless you subscribe.
  • Price — Legal Zoom isn’t necessarily the most expensive online law firm, but they’re not cheap either. $89 just for a Last Will and Testament is quite pricey and may put off a large demographic who are looking for low-cost alternatives to an attorney. Further, a Living Trust Estate Plan is $329.

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Ease of Use

LegalZoom arguably built its reputation and presence in the market by being very accessible. This meant offering a very easy-to-use document creator. Your experience with LegalZoom, apart from some inconsistent customer service, will be painless. Wills can be created within 15 minutes, and if you are unsure of anything, there is free consultation with an attorney for assistance. According to many customer reviews, the software used at LegalZoom cannot be topped.

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Unique Functions Offered by

Below are some of the great functions offered by LegalZoom.

  • Legal Advice — LegalZoom offers plenty of legal advice unlike many of its competitors. There’s Document Reviews for $39, Attorney Assist, consultations and a large attorney directory available.
  • Unlimited Revisions — With the Living Will Estate Plan, and many other plans, customers can have unlimited revisions for no extra cost. This means that customers’ wills always stay up-to-date and relevant.
  • Attorney Assist — A great feature that many companies lack is expert guidance. Even with the $179 Last Will plan, customers have access to 1 year of legal questions related to the plan to experienced attorneys.


Below is the pricing structure for

  • Basic Last Will — $89
  • Comprehensive Last Will — $99
  • Estate Plan Bundle — $179
  • Basic Living Trust — $279
  • Comprehensive Living Trust — $299
  • Estate Plan Build — $329
  • Basic Power of Attorney — $35
  • Comprehensive Power of Attorney — $45

These are some higher prices than we often see when looking at DIY online wills, but they’re far from overpriced. These prices often include things such as a year of legal questions to an attorney, unlimited revisions, and a good selection of documents. However, be warned to look into each product individually, because some only offer 2 weeks of legal questions, and only 30 days of free revisions.

Bottom Line

LegalZoom is a hugely popular law tech company because it’s so easy to use, and it has a great team of legal experts backing it. LegalZoom is absolutely safe to use, and comes with some great support features such as Attorney Assist. However, the price reflects this, making it far from a budget version of making a will.

So, is LegalZoom trusted? All-in-all, LegalZoom is worth considering if your needs are a little more bespoke, or you simply want the reassurance that they offer through their credibility and attorney support.

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Legal Zoom


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  • Operating for 19 years
  • Money back guarantee
  • Suitable for complex situations


  • Poor customer Support
  • Not the cheapest
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