LegalZoom vs Nolo Will Maker by Quicken

View this simple and short comparison between LegalZoom vs Nolo Will Maker by Quicken to understand how the two services match up. Nolo is owned by Quicken (Intuit), a massive software company which has some of the most successful and widely known DIY accounting software; LegalZoom is one of the oldest companies in the online legal services space, boasting staff of 250 employees, $200m in annual sales, and a great deal of expertise in this particular space.

Below is an overview of the two compnaies:

#1 By Software Giant Quicken
Editorial Rating 97.0%
  • Most Popular Will Maker Software
  • Easiest to Use
  • Comfortable Pricing
  • 90% Positive Reviews Online
  • Multiple Addons Available
#2 Trusted and Credible
Editorial Rating 88.3%
  • Large and Trusted
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Better than Others with Complex Situations
  • One Stop Shop for Everything Legal
  • Pricey, Forces into Subscription

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Are LegalZoom and Nolo good at what they do?

Both LegalZoom and Nolo are excellent online will makers. Two reliable companies who have been offering this service for many years now, with dedicated expert staff and fantastic software. Both are incredibly popular choices for people who want a DIY will. While Nolo is probably the easiest in terms of signing up and using the software, with a comfortable pricing, catering to 90%+ or more of the people who would want a will maker, ZoomLegal’s strong point is the way it handles complex situations and the fact it offers a one-stop shop for everything legal.

  • These are the services offered by LegalZoom: Wills, Trusts, Business, IP, Congrats, Legal Documents and more.
  • There are the services offered by Quicken’s Nolo: Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Guardianship, Death Benefits, Bill of Sale, Security Agreements and more.

So, how to decide between LegalZoom vs Nolo by Quicken?

Since both services are good but have different strong point, you would have to assess your situation.

Are you –

a. looking for as quick as possible templated will, where it’s SUPER simple and relatively cheap to create your own will? Nolo may be your weapon of choise.

b. looking for an all in one legal documents/advice for things other than just a will? in that case, LegalZoom maybe for you.




LegalZoom vs Nolo Will Maker by Quicken
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