Rocket Lawyer Review 2021

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal tech company founded in 2008 by Charley Moore. Based in San Francisco, Rocket Lawyer has expanded to the UK and currently has around 250 employees. With $46.2m in total funding, Rocket Lawyer is a big player in the online legal space, in which DIY wills are one of many products available. Would you like to know why so many people create Rocket Lawyer wills? Read our review below.


  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Power of attorney (financial)
  • Will Codicil
  • Living trust
  • Power of attorney (medical)


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Price level:

Overall rating68.0%
Updated Dec 15, 2020

Rocket Lawyer Review 2021

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal tech company founded in 2008 by Charley Moore. Based in San Francisco, Rocket Lawyer has expanded to the UK and currently has around 250 employees. With $46.2m in total funding, Rocket Lawyer is a big player in the online legal space, in which DIY wills are one of many products available. So, is Rocket Lawyer trusted?
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Pros and cons

  • A law company
  • Good form builder
  • Customer service
  • 7-day free trial
  • Not specifically a will-maker
  • Lacking in transparency

Our Top-Rated Alternatives to Rocket Lawyer

Overall rating 97.0
Price level
  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Power of attorney (financial)
Pros and cons
  • A large variety of add-ons
  • Easy to update long-term
  • Low cost compared to similar tools
  • Free unlimired updates for one year
Overall rating 92.2
Price level
  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Living trust
  • Power of attorney (medical)
  • + 2 more
  • Power of attorney (financial)
  • Guardianship of Children
Pros and cons
  • Quick will creation
  • Fantastic website
  • Great Support
  • Comfortably Priced
Overall rating 88.3
Price level
  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Living trust
  • Power of attorney (medical)
  • + 4 more
  • Power of attorney (financial)
  • Will Codicil
  • Revocation of Living Trust
  • Affidavit
Pros and cons
  • Excellent customer service
  • State-specific documents
  • Clean design
  • eForms is NOT actually free

Editorial Notes

Rocket Lawyer offers easy legal documents at your fingertips. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions to create your documents in minutes. All the documents created with Rocket Lawyer are vetted by attorneys. In case you need help, On-Call Attorney is available by phone or chat. You can make unlimited revisions to your document and make as many copies as you need. You can create and sign your Rocket Lawyer will digitally, share it with your family, and print anytime.

Rocket Lawyer Credibility

Rocket Lawyer has been on the market for more than 10 years. This allowed them to build a solid reputation among customers not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Netherlands, and other countries. Rocket Lawyer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has a rating of A+.
Established in2008
Registered inSan Francisco, CA
Google Rating
BBB gradeА+ (accredited)

Rocket Lawyer Services and Pricing

The pricing structure for Rocket Lawyer is slightly unorthodox and can be a little confusing. Essentially, there are two prices for everything: a price when you’re a subscriber and a price when you’re not.

Subscription costs a whopping $39.99 per month. For this, you do get to create most legal documents (including a will, power of attorney, etc.) for free. But even with a subscription, you must pay for some business and attorney services outside of estate planning documentation.

For non-subscribers, creating a document costs $39.99 each, which is pretty expensive compared to other will makers. This may be not worth it if you’re only planning on creating a Rocket Lawyer will, although you could always utilize the 7-day free trial . The services and products offered by Rocket Lawyer at are:

Servicesone-docPackageSubscription(Free for 7 days)
Last will and testament
Living Will
Living trust
Power of attorney (medical)
Power of attorney (financial)
Will Codicil
Amendment to Living Trust
Revocation of Living Trust
Pet Guardian Trust

Family and Personal Documents

Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Divorce Settlement Agreement, Child Care Authorization.

Real Estate

Lease Agreement, Eviction Notice, Intent to Purchase Real Estate, Quitclaim Deed

Business and Contracts:

Non-Disclosure Agreement, LLC Operating Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Business Contract


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Rocket Lawyer: Strong Points

  • A law company – Rocket Lawyer is not a recently launched tech startup created by a serial entrepreneur. Charley Moore is an experienced attorney, and Rocket Lawyer is a legitimate law firm. This means that they offer a wide array of services, and you can also speak to a lawyer directly.
  • Good form builder – Creating legitimate Rocket Lawyer wills is intuitive, clear, and relatively quick. The popup boxes relate to your state in specific, and the questions are clearly written. Positive Rocket Lawyer reviews also back this up.
  • Customer service – Because Rocket Lawyer is a law firm with many experts, their focus on customer service makes it second-to-none. You can phone, email, or speak in live-chat, which are more options than most of its competitors.
  • Trial – Rocket Lawyer has an offer that you can use its services on a 7-day free trial. This means that before paying for its costly services, you can dip your toe in the water and test out their services.

Rocket Lawyer: Weak Points

  • Not specifically a will-maker – BRocket Lawyer has a unique advantage of being an expert law company, but the downfall is that it’s not just a will-maker. This means it may not be entirely focused on optimizing this part of the business, as they’re busy selling endless different other services and products.
  • More expensive – Rocket Lawyer is certainly more expensive than the average online will maker. It’s credible and highly reliable, certainly, but its price point is a huge limitation for many customers.
  • Lacking in transparency – Rocket Lawyer somewhat lacks in transparency a little regarding its price. It’s one thing to have upfront high prices, but the matter of fact is you may get lulled into spending a lot on their subscription and find yourself having to pay for extras, so it doesn’t include everything.

Compare Rocket Lawyer

To see how Rocket Lawyer is compared to other well-known online willmakers, we have created a list of its main competitors as well as a detailed comparison page Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom.

Like the majority of the companies, Rocket Lawyer offers its services to customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. If you need just one or two documents, you can get them during the 7-day free trial. If you decide to keep your membership, there will be a charge of $39 a month.

Offers Attorney SupportYes
GuaranteesRefunds for billing mistakes
Payment structureFlat fee, Optional membership
Free trial7 days
States coveredAll states

Ease of Use

Rocket Lawyer is considered an easy-to-create legal document provider. It’s not only got state-of-the-art software but because of the experienced law professionals involved with the company, Rocket Lawyer wills and other legal documents are profoundly reliable too. Signing in takes seconds, you can share, download, and print at any time. You can also save your progress and come back to it later on. Of course, having such a wide variety of documents and services means you’re in a one-stop-shop where on your dashboard, you can control most of your legal responsibilities in one place with ease.
Output formatPDF, doc
Turnaround TimeInstant

Unique Functions Offered by Rocket Lawyer

Below are some of the unique functions offered by Rocket Lawyer:

Document Defense

Document Defense is a service in which your situation, usually when you’re challenged, can be reviewed with an attorney. This means an attorney can respond on your behalf, which is a huge asset to have considering this is only an online law firm.

Flexible customer service hours

We know that Rocket Lawyer has great customer service options, but it’s also very accommodating regarding hours available. They’re open from 9AM Eastern time to 9 PM.

Free 30-minute consultation

A truly unique feature is Rocket Lawyer’s ability to leverage its law expertise in offering a free consultation. This could be a huge help, and a huge persuasion into using their will-making documents.


Can I get legal advice from Rocket Lawyer?
Yes! Unlike many online will-makers who claim that they do not provide legal advice, Rocket Lawyer has an On-Call Attorney service. You can connect by phone, email, or chat, and get the answers to your questions within 1 business day.
Do I need to buy a membership to create my documents?
You have a 7-day free trial, so if you need just one or two documents, they will be free. However, many people find it useful to purchase a membership for their legal needs because it gives many additional services.
How is Rocket Lawer priced compared to other online will makers?
Rocket Lawyer prices are comparable in many ways to the prices of other companies. Some services are more expensive because they are powered by attorneys. Unlike many other online will makers, Rocket Lawyer is a reputable law firm.
Can I use Rocket Lawyer for my business needs?
Definitely. You can start an LLC and get help with your incorporation.
Can I cancel my membership anytime?
Yes. You can deactivate your membership during the free trial period or at anytime after.

Bottom Line

To answer the question “is Rocket Lawyer legit?”, our Rocket Lawyer review concludes it is a highly reputable and credible law firm. Founded by an experienced attorney, the services on offer by Rocket Lawyer are second-to-none. They’re easy-to-use, certainly reliable, and they’re comprehensive. Customers who create Rocket Lawyer wills have add-on potential regarding other services such as one-on-one phone calls with an attorney and Document Defense.

However, this all comes at a cost. Whilst it’s still cheaper than meeting with an actual attorney, Rocket Lawyer is one of the most expensive online DIY legal companies around — even paying their expensive $39.99 won’t give you access to everything.



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