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Rocket Lawyer Review 2022

Rocket Lawyer is one of the biggest providers of online legal services. The company has helped over 25 million people with their legal needs since it was founded in 2008. In addition to selling estate planning documents, Rocket Lawyer offers its clients access to dozens of legal documents for personal and business needs. The company also has a wide network of lawyers who provide free and discounted consultations to its clients. Would you like to know why so many people create Rocket Lawyer wills? Read our RocketLawyer review below.


  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Living trust
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • + 4 more
  • Will Codicil
  • Amendment to Living Trust
  • Revocation of Living Trust
  • Pet Guardian Trust

Availability map:

Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in New York Available in Vermont Available in New Hampshire Available in Maine Available in Massachusetts Available in Connecticut Available in Rhode Island Available in New Jersey Available in Connecticut Available in Maryland Available in Oregon Available in Washington Available in Idaho Available in Wyoming Available in Montana Available in North Dakota Available in South Dakota Available in Nebraska Available in Kansas Available in Oklahoma Available in Texas Available in Minnesota Available in Iowa Available in Wisconsin Available in Missouri Available in Arkansas Available in Louisiana Available in Mississippi Available in Alabama Available in Tennessee Available in Georgia Available in Florida Available in South Carolina Available in North Carolina Available in Illinois Available in Michigan Available in Indiana Available in Kentucky Available in Ohio Available in Virginia Available in Pennsylvania Available in West Virginia Available in Nevada Available in Alaska Available in Alaska Available in Arizona Available in New Mexico Available in Utah Available in Colorado Available in California

Value for Money:

Overall rating98.6%
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
Updated Jan 09, 2022
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Pros and cons

  • Detailed final documents
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to ask a lawyer or support
  • Good form builder
  • 7-day free trial
  • Free trial requires credit card

Editorial Notes

Rocket Lawyer offers easy legal documents at your fingertips. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions to create your documents in minutes. All the documents created with Rocket Lawyer are legit and vetted by attorneys. In case you need legal help, On-Call Attorney is available by phone or chat. You can make unlimited revisions to your document and make as many copies as you need. You can create and sign your Rocket Lawyer will digitally, share it with your family and significant others via email, or print it anytime.

Credibility: Is Rocket Lawyer Legit?

Established in 2008
Registered in San Francisco, CA
Google Rating
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-75
BBB grade A+ (Accredited)

Rocket Lawyer has been on the market for more than 10 years. This is a significant priod of time that the company used to build a solid reputation among customers not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Netherlands, and other countries. Rocket Lawyer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has a rating of A+.

Is Rocket Lawyer safe? Is Rocket Lawyer secure?

Rocket Lawyer guarantees to their customers that their services are safe and secure. They also guarantee that their properly executed legal documents are legally enforceable under applicable US laws. Rocket Lawyer keeps your payment and personal information protected with Secure Socket Layer protocol and 128-bit encryption.

Rocket Lawyer Services and Pricing

Rocket Lawyer subscription costs $39.99 per month. For this, you do get to create most legal documents (including a will, power of attorney, etc.) plus a 30-minute consultation with an attorney for free. In addition to this, Rocket Lawyer customers can a 40% discount on services provided by attorneys in the company's network. There are extra charges for some business and attorney services outside of estate planning documentation not included in the subscription, you can find detailed Rocket Lawyer cost on their website.

Rocket Lawyer offers hundreds of documents for your personal and business use including, but not limited to:

Services one-doc * Package Subscription (Free for 7 days)
Last will and testament $39.99
Living will $39.99
Living trust $39.99
Medical Power of Attorney $39.99
Financial Power of Attorney $39.99
Will Codicil $39.99
Amendment to Living Trust $39.99
Revocation of Living Trust $39.99
Pet Guardian Trust $39.99
$39.99 / m
* available after 7 day trial for non-subscribing customers

Family and Personal Documents

Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Divorce Settlement Agreement, Child Care Authorization.

Real Estate

Lease Agreement, Eviction Notice, Intent to Purchase Real Estate, Quitclaim Deed

Business and Contracts

Non-Disclosure Agreement, LLC Operating Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Business Contract

Attorney Support

As a part of your subscription package, you can get a free 30-minute attorney consultation. Without a subscription, there is a $59.99 fee for this service. You can also use the services of attorneys in the Rocket Lawyer network at a 40% discount.

Rocket Lawyer: Strengths

  • A law company – Rocket Lawyer is not a recently launched tech startup created by a serial entrepreneur. Charley Moore is an experienced attorney, and Rocket Lawyer is a legitimate law firm. This means that they offer a wide array of services, and you can also speak to a lawyer directly.
  • Good form builder – Creating legitimate Rocket Lawyer wills is intuitive, clear, and relatively quick. The popup boxes relate to your state in specific, and the questions are clearly written. Positive Rocket Lawyer reviews also back this up.
  • Customer service – Because RocketLawyer is a law firm with many experts, their focus on customer service makes it second-to-none. You can phone, email, or speak in live-chat, which are more options than most of its competitors.
  • Trial – Rocket Lawyer has an offer that you can use its services on a 7-day free trial. This means that before paying for its costly services, you can dip your toe in the water and test out their services.

Rocket Lawyer: Weaknesses

  • Not specifically a will-maker – Rocket Lawyer has a unique advantage of being an expert law company that covers all your business and personal needs but they don’t just specialize in will making.
  • The subscription model can cause confusion – Even though Rocket Lawyer provides its customers with a free 7-day trial, users need to enter their credit card details before they can save or print documents. As a result, some people can forget to cancel their trial and continue being billed for their subscription after the end of the Rocket Lawyer free trial period. However, RocketLawyer reviews by real customers report that the company has been very helpful in these situations and often provided refunds if the customer hasn’t used the service after their free trial was over.

Compare Rocket Lawyer

To see how Rocket Lawyer is compared to other well-known online willmakers, we have created a list of its main competitors as well as a detailed comparison page Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom.

Like the majority of the companies, Rocket Lawyer US offers its services to customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. If you need just one or two Rocket Lawyer documents, but not more than three, you can get them during the 7-day free trial. If you decide to keep your membership, there will be a charge of $39 a month.

Payment structure Optional membership, Flat fee
Free trial 7 days
Guarantees Flexible refund policy
States covered All states
Attorney Support Yes
Attorney Cost Free 30 min with subscription, $59.99 without

Ease of Use

Instructions Yes
Output format PDF, doc
Turnaround Time Instant
Updates Yes

Rocket Lawyer is considered an easy-to-create legal document provider. It’s not only got state-of-the-art will maker software but because of the experienced law professionals involved with the company, Rocket Lawyer wills and other legal documents are profoundly reliable too. Signing in takes seconds, you can share, download, and print your documents at any time. You can also save your progress and come back to it later on. And if you decide to cancel your membership at any time, the company will save your documents. You will still be able to access and share them even if your subscription is paused. And if you want to edit the documents, you can just reactivate your subscription.

Of course, having such a wide variety of documents and services means you’re in a one-stop shop where on your dashboard, you can control most of your legal responsibilities in one place with ease.

Unique Functions Offered by Rocket Lawyer

Below are some of the unique functions offered by Rocket Lawyer:

Document Defense

Document Defense is a service in which your situation, usually when you’re challenged, can be reviewed with an attorney. This means an attorney can respond on your behalf, which is a huge asset to have considering this is only an online law firm.

Mobile App

Rocket Lawyer app allows you to create a last will and testament and any other documents on the go. As a result, you can save time by filling out their questionnaires while you're standing in line at a bank or waiting for a doctor's appointment.

Digital signatures with RocketSign

Rocket Lawyer gives its customers the opportunity to quickly sign digital documents from anywhere. Their RocketSign service allows you to e-sign documents created on their website or upload your own documents and sign them. This feature is available on mobile and desktop devices. You can also share these documents with other people to get their signatures.

Flexible customer service hours

We know that Rocket Lawyer has great customer service options, but it’s also very accommodating regarding hours available. They’re open from 9AM Eastern time to 9 PM.


Can I get legal advice from Rocket Lawyer?
Yes! Unlike many online will-makers who claim that they do not provide legal advice, Rocket Lawyer has an On-Call Attorney service. You can connect by phone, email, or chat, and get the answers to your questions within 1 business day.
Do I need to buy a membership to create my documents?
You have a 7-day free trial, so if you need just one or two documents, they will be free. However, many people find it useful to purchase a membership for their legal needs because it gives many additional services.
How does Rocket Lawyer pricing compare to other online will makers?
In our will maker comparison, we noticed that Rocket Lawyer prices are comparable in many ways to the prices of other companies. Some services are more expensive because they are powered by attorneys. Unlike many other online will makers, Rocket Lawyer is a reputable law firm.
Can I use Rocket Lawyer for my business needs?
Definitely. You can start an LLC and get help with your incorporation.
Can I cancel my membership anytime?
Yes. You can deactivate your membership during the free trial period or at anytime after.

Bottom Line

Is Rocket Lawyer legit? Absolutely. Our Rocket Lawyer review concludes it is a highly reputable and credible law firm. Founded by an experienced attorney, the services offered by Rocket Lawyer are second-to-none. They’re easy-to-use, certainly reliable, and comprehensive. Customers who create Rocket Lawyer wills have add-on potential regarding other services such as one-on-one phone calls with an attorney and Document Defense.

While some may find their services pricey, you get the most value for money. Rocket Lawyer subscription includes access to all their documents for personal and business use, and free attorney support, which is not offered by many online will makers.


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