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total legal logoTotal Legal is an online law company that was founded in 2003. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company has become a go-to supplier of self-guided legal products. Their USP? They blend these products with heavily discounted attorney support, making it more comprehensive than the usual will-making tech firm. So, is Total Legal trusted? Take a look at our Total Legal review to find out.

Total Legal Services

Below are the services that are offered by Total Legal at, which can be summarized into three categories.

  • Estate Planning Documents: Estate Planning Documents offered include wills, living wills, and power of attorney.
  • Business Products: Incorporation and LLC formation
  • Other Documents: There’s a wide variety of other documents, such as name change, bill of sale, warranty deed, plus more.

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Total Legal: Strong Points

  • Good Value — Total Legal is not only an affordable option because of its low prices, but it separates each legal document into a different payment, meaning you can keep costs down if you only want X, Y and Z. For example, a living will is $14.95 and a total yearly plan is under $90 — these are some of the most competitive rates on the market.
  • Discounted legal services — Being a subscriber to Total Legal’s annual plan, you will receive heavily discounted (usually 55% off) services from Legal Club of America. Whether it’s a legal name change, a simple divorce or a regular incorporation, you’re getting better than half price off a wide range of legal services.
  • Lots of choices — The combination of discounted services from Legal Club of America, along with the large array of documents to choose from, makes Total Legal a very flexible all-round service. You have access to a wide variety of documents, not only wills, that could even benefit your business.
  • Transparent — The Total Legal website may appear outdated and simplistic, but it’s conducive to a very clear and transparent company. The prices are super easy to find, as are the choices the customer has and the help center.

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Total Legal: Weak Points

  • User Interface — Whilst the website benefits from being simplistic, the questionnaire and actual will completion is a little too outdated. The text is small and difficult to read, and some sections aren’t clear whether or not they’re optional. It seems like this is a choice, to target towards an older audience, but it doesn’t actually make it easy for them.
  • Paid legal support — When purchasing a single document, Total Legal only provides limited phone and email support from a non-attorney, meaning it’s only technical issues that can be solved. Subscription users benefit from attorney support, which is useful. Whilst this is far from unreasonable, it’s still a limitation.
  • Limited for wills — In the interest of reviewing Total Legal’s will services, it’s important to point out there are only three will-related documents available. The company may have a wide range of other documents, but it’s not as comprehensive as many competitors for wills.

Prominent competitors:

  1. Quicken WillMaker & Trust
  3. US Legal Wills

Ease of Use

As touched on above, Total Legal is not the most user-friendly company. Their website is simplistic, but the will-making program is too outdated. It’s quite difficult to read the small, old fashioned font used along with some sections not being clear whether they’re mandatory or optional.

Total Wills is certainly easy enough to use for most average users, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately, the service isn’t usually catering the complex legal situations (i.e. overseas digital assets), so suffices. However, those looking for a slicker experience or more fool-proof questionnaires may want to opt for a different company.

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Unique Functions Offered by Total Legal

Below are some unique functions offered by the online legal company Total Legal:

  • Revisions — Not all will services offer free revisions, but Total Legal most certainly does for the first 60 days. If you’re a subscriber, though, you can benefit from revisions whenever you like until your subscription, if ever, runs out.
  • Help Center — Again, whilst the website is basic, it has a great Help Center page. All resources are columnized and divided into headers, with a good search function too. Everything is on that one page, making it helpful in being helpful.
  • Monthly payment — Many will companies will not offer a subscription service, let alone a monthly one. Total Legal allows the customer to choose between paying for an individual document, or being a subscriber. But the choices in being a subscriber are either annual ($7.49 p/m) or monthly ($9.95 p/m).


Pricing is split into one-off payments per document or a subscription.

  • Living will — $14.95 one-time fee
  • Last will and testament — $19.95
  • Power of attorney — $19.95
  • Medical power of attorney — $19.95
  • Bill of sale — $9.95
  • Name change — $29.95
  • TotalLegal Plan (annual) — $7.49 p/m
  • TotalLegal Plan (monthly) — $9.95 p/m

As we can see, Total Legal is cheap. Not only is $14.95 for a living will incredibly competitive, but their breakdown in prices is clear as day. The subscription service is also great value, with the opportunity to save a few bucks if you commit to an annual subscription.

Bottom Line

First and foremost, Total Legal is a legitimate online will maker that offers fantastic value. It’s super cheap, and you also gain access to real attorney services. There’s a bunch of options for users, even if they’re looking for business services, and you rest assured that it’s a reliable service.

However, there are only three options for will making services specifically. It feels a little bit like Total Legal is spreading themselves thin instead of niching down. Total Legal reviews show that this is a reliable company with some great value and comprehensive support, but it’s limiting if you need more real estate planning documents or want a living trust.

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Total Legal


Estate Planning Documents


Home & Family Documents:


Executor Documents


Personal Finance Documents



  • Good Value
  • Lots of choices
  • Transparent


  • Questionnaire difficult to read
  • Limited phone and email support
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