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US Legal Wills Review 2024

Founded in 2000, US Legal Wills is an excellent online will maker that provides wills in all 50 states and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company sells estate planning packages for $99.95 and offers individual documents at lower prices. They boast several useful features such as expatriate wills and affordable attorney support. Overall, this is a great company with reasonably priced services.
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  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney

Availability map:

Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in Hawaii Available in New York Available in Vermont Available in New Hampshire Available in Maine Available in Massachusetts Available in Connecticut Available in Rhode Island Available in New Jersey Available in Connecticut Available in Maryland Available in Oregon Available in Washington Available in Idaho Available in Wyoming Available in Montana Available in North Dakota Available in South Dakota Available in Nebraska Available in Kansas Available in Oklahoma Available in Texas Available in Minnesota Available in Iowa Available in Wisconsin Available in Missouri Available in Arkansas Not available in Louisiana Available in Mississippi Available in Alabama Available in Tennessee Available in Georgia Available in Florida Available in South Carolina Available in North Carolina Available in Illinois Available in Michigan Available in Indiana Available in Kentucky Available in Ohio Available in Virginia Available in Pennsylvania Available in West Virginia Available in Nevada Available in Alaska Available in Alaska Available in Arizona Available in New Mexico Available in Utah Available in Colorado Available in California

Value for Money:

Overall rating95.1%
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-75
Updated Apr 01, 2024
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Pros and cons

  • Customizable will template
  • Easy to update long-term
  • Free unlimired updates for one year
  • 30-day money-back
  • Email updates about legislation changes
  • No living trust option

Editorial Notes

US Legal Wills is one of the leading providers of online estate planning documents in the USA. It provides lawyer-approved online services that include online wills, power of attorney, and living wills. Everything on the website is written in plain language, but if you need help, it is available every step of the way. It would only take you about 20 minutes to create an online will, and you will save hundreds of dollars in lawyer’s fees. You can make unlimited updates to your will free of charge for up to one year. In case you change your mind and decide not to have an online will, you have 30 days to receive your money back.

Credibility: Is US Legal Wills legit?

Established in 2000
Registered in New York, NY
Google Rating
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
BBB grade A+ (accredited)

US Legal Wills was established in 2000 in New York. Today, thousands of legal documents are created every week on the company’s website. It only takes three easy steps to create a legal will: fill in the questionnaire, print the will in the privacy of your home, and sign it.

Is US Legal Wills legit? What makes US Legal Wills stand out of many online will makers? Most of these websites offer different legal forms that can be filled in and downloaded for free; however, they do not focus on estate planning. Laws continue to change, and there are many possible variations depending on your personal situation. With US Legal Wills, you can be confident that your will is up-to-date with laws in your local jurisdiction, and it comprehensively represents your wishes.

Is US Legal Wills safe? Is US Legal Wills secure?

US Legal Wills takes extra caution in protecting your personal data. For example, they never store your credit card information. All the purchases go through a secure gateway which protects all the transactions with a Secure Socket Layer protocol and Private Communication Technology security standards.

All your personal information is encrypted in such a way that only you and your trusted Keyholders® can access it using a randomly generated personal key. Any data that you enter on the US Legal Wills website is authenticated and encrypted using 256-bit "SSL encryption". Furthermore, US Legal Wills uses a high-security streaming-encryption algorithm known as "RSA" to encrypt all of your information before it is stored online. All these measures make US Legal Wills a safe and secure website, which protects your personal data up to the industry standards.

US Legal Wills Services and Pricing

US Legal Wills allows customers to purchase estate planning documents and various additional services separately or as part of a package. If you need to buy several documents and want to save money on them, consider choosing a package. Here are some of the package options US Legal Wills offers:

  • Premium Last Will and Testament - includes a Will, Funeral Wishes, Final Messages, and Keyholders® for $69.95.
  • Complete Estate Plan - includes all the services in the Premium Last Will and Testament package plus Power of Attorney for Finances, Living Will, and Power of Attorney for Health Care for $99.95.
  • Premium Estate Plan - includes all the services in the Complete Estate Plan plus Life Locker and Digital Vault for $129.95.

The company also offers different discounts for spouses. Here is a rundown of the individual services you can benefit from on the US Legal Wills website:

Services one-doc Package Complete Estate Plan Subscription
Last will and testament $39.95
Living will $19.95
Medical Power of Attorney *
Financial Power of Attorney $29.95
* Medical Power of Attorney is included with the Living Will

Last Will and Testament

Credible US wills to express your wishes around your possessions after you pass away.

Expatriate wills

There is a will option for expats with assets in the US, Canada, England, or Wales who live in a different country. This is also a good option if you already have a will where you live, but you need to incorporate your assets in the mentioned countries.


Currently, US Legal Wills does not offer stand-alone trusts, but there is an option to include trusts within your will, for example, for your children or pets.

Power of attorney

You can create a financial power of attorney to help make decisions on your behalf.

Living wills

You can specify wishes regarding your healthcare if you’re unable to communicate in the future.

Continued storage

If you wish to have access to your documents and update them for longer than a year, you can pay for continued storage (after the first year). You can extend your storage for a year, 5, 10, or 25 years and save up to 75%. There is an option to buy storage for a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about it running out.

Attorney Support

US Legal Wills has a special team of lawyers available who can review your completed Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will for consistency and completeness at $69 per document.

US Legal Wills: Strengths

  • Low, one-time fee – It is a great service for very low rates (the price is below the market’s average, but US Legal Wills reviews are very much positive). Once you pay for your will, you don’t have to pay any ongoing membership fees, and you are free to update it for a year.
  • No automated subscriptions – US Legal Wills does not store your credit card information and never charges a subscription fee. You don't need to cancel anything to avoid unwanted or unexpected charges.
  • Customizable template – Good customization options, as you can cover a variety of circumstances in your will through an online service MyWill™. It will guide you through an online wizard to create a personalized last will and have it reviewed by a lawyer if needed.
  • Speed – The process of creating a credible last will takes around 20 minutes, which is fast even considering this is a USP of online willmakers.

US Legal Wills: Weaknesses

  • Trusts – US Legal Wills do not provide the type of trusts that will allow your estate to avoid probate, which may be important to your situation.

Compare US Legal Wills

Payment structure Flat fee
Free trial No
Guarantees 30-day money-back guarantee
States covered All except LA
Attorney Support Yes
Attorney Cost $69 per document

Just a few years ago, online will-making services were a novelty but today there are over a dozen companies that offer them. With so many options to pick from, it can be very difficult for customers to make the right choice. After all, there are many things to consider, such as the types of documents offered by different companies, their prices, whether or not they provide attorney help, and much more. This is why our team has created this online will maker comparison section to help you find an option that suits your needs. You can read how US Legal Wills compares to other companies in the market.

1-4 Docs 38.9% 5-7 Docs 38.9% 8+ Docs 22.2%
Number of documents offered by different will makers
US Legal Wills offers 1 to 4 documents

Number of Documents Offered

US Legal Wills has been in business since 2000. While this company no a law firm, it is a part of Parting Wishes, Inc., a corporation that works with lawyers around the world. US Legal Wills provides services to people living in all 50 states, has lots of five-star reviews on Google, and has even received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So, is US Legal Wills legit? This US Legal Wills review will explore the company’s credibility, explain its features, and discuss its value for the price.

Package or one-doc 16.7% Subscription only 33.3% Subscription or one-doc 27.8% Package only 16.7% One-doc only 5.6%
Payment structure offered by different will makers
US Legal Wills offers package or one-doc payment options

Payment Structure

US Legal Wills customers can buy documents separately, or choose one of the company’s packages to get a more comprehensive estate planning solution. For instance, you can purchase a will, living will, or financial power of attorney individually if you need only one of those forms. However, if you need multiple forms, you can buy the Complete Estate Plan, which includes all of the documents listed above along with forms to take care of medical power of attorney, final words, and funeral wishes.

Money-back guarantee 61.1% No guarantee 38.9%
Availability of money-back guarantees offered by different will makers
US Legal Wills offers a money-back guarantee


If you’re feeling hesitant about creating your estate planning documents online because you’re worried about the quality of the service, US Legal Wills is a great option, as this company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its customers. This means that US Legal Wills is a risk-free option for trying an online will maker.

Yes 27.8% No 50% By referral 22.2%
Availability of attorney support offered by different will makers
US Legal Wills offers attorney support

Attorney Support

US Legal Wills offers attorney support, but this service does cost additional money. People who purchase their estate planning documents from this company can pay an extra $69 per document to have a licensed attorney review it. This makes US Legal Wills a better choice than other online estate planning companies that don’t provide attorney support at all, but a worse option compared to companies that include free legal support with the purchase of a document or plan.

Limited-time 38.9% Unlimited 38.9% Until subscription ends 22.2%
Free document update period offered by different will makers
US Legal Wills offers a limited-time free document update period

Free Document Update Period

US Legal Wills customers can make unlimited changes to their documents for 12 months. This is a pretty good deal compared to services that don’t allow their customers to make any free changes to their documents. However, some online estate planning websites also offer unlimited free document updates for life. Fortunately, US Legal Wills customers can pay a small fee to extend their document storage and free update period for up to 25 years.

No 83.3% Yes 16.7%
Phone app availability offered by different will makers
US Legal Wills does not have a phone app

Phone App Availability

As of 2022, this company does not have a smartphone app for iOS or Android devices. This means that if you want to create documents for your estate plan using US Legal Wills, you will need to do it on a computer or use a mobile browser, which may be inconvenient.

Ease of Use

Instructions Yes
Output format PDF, shipment
Turnaround Time Instant
Updates Limited-time

US Legal Wills is very quick and easy—you can create a will within 20 minutes by answering a series of guided questions that were approved by an attorney. It uses a wizard that adapts to your individual answers and provides you with the follow-up questions (for example, if you say that you have children, it will ask about options for them).

It is easy to create multiple wills, store them online, and update them if needed, with no extra charge. If you do get stuck, there’s a “knowledge base” section for FAQs, as well as being able to contact customer service over the phone, mail, email, or the portal. In case you have any US Legal Wills complaints or concerns, their customer service will be happy to assist you.

The willmaker itself is responsive to mobile, meaning you can create the legal documents wherever and whenever unlike some of its competitors.

Customer Review Analysis

In order to understand how US Legal Wills stacks up against other companies that provide similar services, we looked at a large number of online reviews. We broke these reviews down into three categories: positive, negative, and mixed. The mixed reviews were those that had a balance of both positive and negative aspects, or that were neutral in nature. The positive and negative reviews, on the other hand, had a clear bias towards one or the other.

Distribution of US Legal Wills reviews compared to industry-wide average

Our evaluation of US Legal Wills reviews showed that the percentage of positive reviews left by the company’s customers on different online platforms was in line with the average among other service providers in the industry. At the same time, the company received slightly fewer negative reviews than its competitors and a few more mixed reviews. Overall, this shows that most US Legal Wills customers are happy with the service they’ve received and very few customers are left unsatisfied.

US Legal Wills
Industry Average
Positive, %
Negative, %
Mixed, %
Data was compiled from 1938 reviews about 17 different companies across 7 review sites. US Legal Wills had 185 reviews

Most frequently given reasons for liking or disliking US Legal Wills

To gain insight into why some customers had a positive experience with US Legal Wills while others did not, we compiled the most frequently cited reasons for leaving online reviews. A large number of reviewers praised the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of US Legal Wills’ services as well as their great document design. Interestingly, the number of people who found the price of the company’s services reasonable and their documents well-designed was significantly higher than that of its competitors. On the other hand, those who were not satisfied with US Legal Wills generally cited issues with the service's usability and brought up poorly crafted documents and unclear instructions as reasons for their disappointment with the company.

US Legal Wills
Industry Average
Easy to use
Well-designed documents
Reasonable price
US Legal Wills
Industry Average
Difficult to use
Poorly-designed documents
Poor instructions
Data was compiled from 3611 apparent reasons from 1938 reviews. US Legal Wills data had 380 reasons in 185 reviews

Distribution of reviews by service type

US Legal Wills only offers estate planning documents. Thus, all of their online reviews were left about the company’s estate-related services, while many of their competitors also received reviews for other services not related to estate planning.

US Legal Wills
Industry Average
Estate related
Non estate related
Data was compiled from 1938 reviews about 17 different companies across 7 review sites. US Legal Wills had 185 reviews

Unique Functions Offered by US Legal Wills

Below are some of the most unique functions offered by US Legal Wills that few other companies offer:


This is a document created for your Executor. It contains a complete list of all your assets, account details (including any online accounts), and mentioned all the people who should be notified of your passing. You can update it as many times as you need while your subscription is valid.


Your documents will be stored at US Legal Wills Vault for a year after your purchase at no extra charge and then you can extend it for a fee. You can upload not only documents but any digital assets, including your photos and videos. You can keep your vault active for your entire life.


You can designate up to 20 different Keyholders who will be able to unlock your wishes when the time comes. For each Keyholder, you can specify what information they will access, including digital files, last will, power of attorney, funeral wishes, and such.


Which documents can I create with US Legal Wills?
Using the US Legal Wills website, you can create a custom-made will, power of attorney, and living will.
Are US Legal Wills services available in all states?
US Legal Wills services are available in all states except Louisiana.
Can I get online help while creating my will?
Yes, in addition to plain language instructions, the US Legal Wills help desk will answer your questions in everyday language, without any professional jargon.
Can I make updates to my will once it is finished?
Yes, you can make as many free updates as you need for as long as you are a member.
Will I get my money back if I don’t like this service?
Yes, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Is US Legal Wills legit and trusted? Yes, it is, though it may not have the same level of credibility as some of its longer-serving competitors. The company offers low-cost services and allows customers to purchase individual documents in addition to packages, so you won’t need to overpay for things you don’t need.

Plus, US Legal Wills provides a great value for the money, as it offers unlimited revisions for a year, an easy 20-minute will creation process, and a 30-day money-back guarantee—which makes it hard not to endorse US Legal Wills. The price does add up quickly if you want to make use of all of their services (more costly, for instance, than Nolo’s WillMaker & Trust), so you should consider your needs before making a choice.

Our bottom line is that this is a hugely popular online will service with an adequate reputation and some great revision features.


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