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Expat Legal Wills Review

Do you live in the USA, Canada, England, or Wales, and have a will that covers your assets in a different country? Or you have assets in the USA, Canada, England, or Wales but live in a different country? In these cases, you can create an Expatriate Last Will and Testament with MyExpatWill Service from Expat Legal Will.

Can I Sign up With US Legal Wills and Get the Same Service?

Expatriate Will for Assets held in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom is one of the products offered by US Legal Wills. You can access it via either main website or a sister website, Expat Legal Wills. The price will be the same, and it includes all taxes. A 40% discount is available for your spouse or partner, but they need to register their own account.

Overall rating 95.1
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Great Value for Money
  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Medical Power of Attorney
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Pros and cons
  • Customizable will template
  • Easy to update long-term
  • Free unlimired updates for one year
  • 30-day money-back

Expat Legal Wills Review: Editorial Notes

This service offers a special service to those who have assets in a foreign country and would like to include them in their Last Will and Testament that covers domestic assets. Expatriate Will covers all assets in a foreign country and works in conjunction with your Last Will and Testament. You will need a separate Will for each jurisdiction where you have assets., and Expat Legal Wills will guide you through the process.

Credibility: Is Expat Legal Wills Legit?

Established in2000
Registered inNew York, NY
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BBB gradeА+ (accredited)

Expat Legal Wills is a branch of US Legal Wills, a reputable online will maker that has been operating since 2000. US Legal Wills is one of the leading providers of online estate planning documents in the USA. It provides lawyer-approved online services that include online wills, power of attorney, living wills, and other legal documents. All the wizards and instructions on the website are written in plain English. In case you need assistance, the company’s customer service is available every step of the way.

Is Expat Legal Wills safe? Is Expat Legal Wills Secure?

Expat Legal Wills is using the same will maker software as US Legal Wills. All your personal information is encrypted in such a way that only you and your trusted Keyholders® can access it using a randomly generated personal key. Any data that you enter on the US Legal Wills website is authenticated and encrypted using 256-bit “SSL encryption”. Furthermore, US Legal Wills uses a high-security streaming-encryption algorithm known as “RSA” to encrypt all of your information before it is stored online. All these measures make US Legal Wills a safe and secure website, which protects your personal data up to industry standards.

Expatriate Legal Wills Pricing

Your Expatriate Will for assets held in the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom will cost you $39.99 to create and store online for one year. If you wish, your document can be reviewed by a lawyer from a respective jurisdiction who will check the document for consistency and completeness.

In addition, you can upload important files to your personal Vault, document your funeral wishes and organ donation preferences, and write final messages that will be delivered after you pass away free of any additional charge. You can always extend your storage for 2, 5, 10, 25 years or for life for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already created a Last Will and Testament. Can I include my foreign assets there?
You will need a will for each jurisdiction where you have assets, with an Executor assigned for each will.
Why do I need to make updates to my Expatriate Will?
Can I make a joint Expatriate Will?
What countries, states, and provinces do you support?
Do I need a lawyer to create my Expatriate Will?

Expat Legal Wills Review: The Bottom Line

Expat Legal Wills is a legit, safe, and secure service that helps create Expatriate Wills for people who live in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom and have assets in a foreign country, or vise versa. The citizens of the USA, Canada, England, or Wales who have assets in their home country but live in a foreign country can create an Expatriate Will in conjunction with their Last Will and Testament. You will need a separate Will with an Executor assigned for each jurisdiction where you have assets, and Expat Legal Wills will be happy to guide you through the process and find you an attorney in case you need a consultation.

We hope this Expat Legal Wills review gave you a good idea of why you need an Expatriate Will in addition to your last will and testament. In case you don’t have any, please check our online will maker reviews and select the one that fits you best.