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fabric, the will creation arm of Fabric Insurance Agency, has been offering its services since 2015. Despite its short existence, Fabric has an excellent reputation, as it boasts a Trust Score of 4.8/5, which over 1,500 reviews have bolstered.

Fabric styles itself as the family-friendly will option. But, are they right for your family? By examining their service offerings, strengths & weaknesses, pricing plans, and more, we’ll get a fuller picture of

MeetFabric Services is more than a will creation service. Below, we’ve outlined everything they offer:

  • Last Will & Testament – Communicates your last wishes regarding the division of your estate. It also names the guardian of minor children and expresses preferences for their funeral.
  • Term Life Insurance –Protects your loved ones in the event of your passing. Should it occur while the policy is active, the insurer will make a lump sum payment to the beneficiary.
  • Accidental Death Insurance – Provides protection to those between the ages of 25 to 44. If you die from covered causes, your named beneficiary will receive a lump-sum payment.
  • Fabric Vault – Stores all details of your will, insurance policies, and financial accounts controlled by you and your spouse.

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MeetFabric: Strong Points

  • It’s free – Selling life insurance policies is how Fabric makes money. However, their will creation tool is free for anyone to use. This move is a smart one, as it acts as a lead generation machine for their core business. Meanwhile, scores of people get to make a free Last Will & Testament. Everyone wins.
  • Convenient access to life insurance products – Just started a family recently? If so, buying a life insurance policy may be the smartest financial move you can make. In the event of your untimely death, those left behind will get a sizable lump sum payment. If you currently have a modest estate, buying this product can further ensure your loved ones will be okay.
  • Quick and easy – Numerous Fabric will creators praise this company for its easy-to-use platform. In particular, many highlighted how Fabric walked them through the process, step-by-step.

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MeetFabric: Weak Points

  • Limited options – Fabric offers a free will creation tool that’s quick and easy. However, that simplicity comes at a cost. If you want to write a will that is even slightly complex, you’ll run into problems. For starters, you can’t name more than one beneficiary. And, if you want to name a non-minor beneficiary in case of the instant death of both parents? Not possible.
  • Invasive, unethical marketing tactics – Some users report that Fabric sent their named beneficiaries marketing material for life insurance. Always read your terms & conditions carefully!
  • Will creation tool not tailored to individual states – Rules & regulations governing will creation can vary significantly from state-to-state. Fabric’s will creation tool does not appear to tailor wills to specific states. That’s probably why (at this point, at least) their will creation process is limited in scope.

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  2. Rocket Lawyer
  3. US Legal Wills
  4. Total Legal
  5. LegalZoom

Ease of Use

The simplicity of Fabric’s will creation tool is one of its biggest selling points. In fact, for reasons already mentioned, it’s probably a bit too simple. That said, if you have an uncomplicated estate, Fabric is a solid, affordable option. Additionally, if you’ve meant to purchase a life insurance policy for some time, Fabric provides convenient, one-stop shopping.

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Unique Functions Offered by MeetFabric offers more than free Last Will & Testaments. Below, we’ll run down additional services they offer:

  • Life Insurance – When it comes to calming sleep-stealing anxiety, getting a life insurance policy stands shoulder-to-shoulder with will creation. This offering is Fabric’s main product – after completing your Last Will & Testament, get a quote for Term Life or Accidental Death Insurance.
  • Fabric Vault – This tool keeps your will, life insurance policies, and core financial information in one central place. If something happens to you, your executor will have easy access to this vital information.
  • Mobile App – More people than ever are using their phone/tablet as their primary web platform. Fabric has an app that makes it easy to manage your will and insurance holdings.
  • Blog – Stay on top of the latest developments in the estate planning and insurance worlds on Fabric’s blog.

Fabric Pricing offers simple Last Will & Testaments for free. However, it does charge for life insurance policies, its staple product.

Document Pricing

  • Last Will & Testament: FREE
  • Term Life Insurance: Depends on quote
  • Accidental Death Insurance: Depends on quote

Bottom Line

Do you have an uncomplicated estate, and want to save money? If so,’s will creation tool may work for you. However, to cover all 50 states, the scope of this tool is quite limited. As such, those wanting to write detailed provisions may want to find another free will provider.

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  • Easy to use platform and step-by-step help in creation process.
  • Mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • The will creation is free.


  • You can’t name more than one beneficiary in your will.
  • The will is not state specific and that can cause problems and confusion.
  • You can't do complex wills. Only good for very limited and simple wills.
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